Engineer Professor Theodore Ifeanyichukwu Onyeche

Sustainable Energy Practitioners of Nigeria (SEPAN)

(Member, Board of Trustees)


Engr. Prof. Theodore Ifeanyichukwu Onyeche is a renowned Professor in Environmental Engineering and Applied Research at CUTEC-Forschungszentrum in Germany and a Consultant for the European Commission for several years. He hold a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Chemical/Petroleum Engineering of Federal University of Technology (FUTO), Nigeria and a Master and Doctorate Degrees in Petroleum Engineering and Environmental Engineering respectively of the Technical University, Clausthal, Germany with professional certifications in international project management, negotiation skills and project development in England.

Prof. Onyeche has patents from his research activities on renewable energy recovery from sewage sludge using high-pressure homogenizers. He has published widely and presented high-level technical papers at various engineering conferences and workshops globally. As Manager for International Operations, Prof. Onyeche possesses in-depth knowledge and global practice experience in environmental engineering, management and process technologies for the sustainable treatment of solid, liquid and gaseous waste as well as renewable energy systems and practical manpower development programmes.

The necessity to strengthen the application of solar and wind energy systems in Africa motived him to form partnerships with various German companies in the field. Hence, he initiated formidable renewable energy German consortia of experts for sustainable installation of solar plants, solar streetlights, solar power supply in residential and commercial houses, schools, public & government buildings, hospitals, estates, etc. in Nigeria and beyond. He has also successfully managed several German and European Commission projects on integrated waste management and environmental pollution controls, remedies and applied research. Recently, he published a book titled Environmental Pollution Control.

Moreover, he is a Consultant Engineer registered with the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN), a Fellow of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE), a Fellow of Nigerian Environmental Society (NES), senior member of International Water Association (IWA), senior member of German Water Partnership (GWP), etc., just to mention a few. He leads the German technical consulting team of Environmental & Engineering Experts for the effective, safe and sustainable environmental sanitation in the Federal Capital City, Abuja, in collaboration with a corporate local partner.

Prof. Onyeche successfully led a similar technical team in Akwa Ibom and Niger states as the Principal Environmental Consultant on Integrated and Sustainable Environmental Management with complete design of solid waste management facilities including landfill component. He organized various practical training programmes for African engineers and environmentalists (especially Nigerians) in Germany on the effective, applied and sustainable integrated waste management systems with carbon credit options. The global climate change solutions are integral part of all his operations.

This talented and dedicated professional engineer and gentleman, has demonstrated, in his career, very high professional discipline, great leadership skills and unique personality qualities in all ramifications. He has globally showcased the best environmental and renewable energy concepts with most effective and sustainable solutions second to none. Prof. Onyeche represents Germany since 2003 at the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium on environmental issues under the EU Cost programme. He has participated in several high level German Government Business Delegations abroad (USA, Mexico, Japan, Brazil, China,

India, Argentina, South Africa, etc.) on environmental technology transfer and bi-lateral relationships on industrial and infrastructural developments. He also represents the European industrial interest in Japan and South Korea under the EU-Japan-Korea Gateway programmes.

Prof. Onyeche has actively participated in many international conferences where he awesomely presented various technical papers on environmental & renewable energy technologies/processes in Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Australia, USA, Italy, Canada, Japan, Australia, Belgium, Italy, China, UK, Portugal, South Africa, Morocco, Czech Republic, Mexico, Holland, Singapore, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Romania, Poland, Nigeria, etc