Dr. Sunny Akpoyibo

Council for Renewable Energy Nigeria(CREN)

(Member, Board of Trustees)


Dr. Sunny Akpoyibo (PHD) is the founder, chairman and CEO of ASTEVEN Group of Companies with headquarters in Eppinghofer Mulheim, Germany and a number of branches in Nigeria. The company was founded in 2010. He is a consultant in renewable energy and CDM Projects with a Doctorate in Business Management.

As a chief executive officer, he has 15 years of experience as a consultant in the field of renewable energy and a managing director of all subsidiaries of the company.

From 2005 – 2007 Dr Akpoyibo served as the managing director (MD) of GSA Dienstleistung GmbH in Gelsenkirchen Germany. Between 2005 and 2010, he was a member of the board of trustee (BOT) in FX Global Limited, UK and Germany. He was also a solar energy consultant to Chevron Nigeria Limited in their Warri, Delta State’s CDP Department. The charity organization, Akpoyibo Green Foundation was founded by Dr Akpoyibo.


ASTEVEN Group of Companies is a leading indigenous supplier of green technologies and services with international standards of operation in Africa, active in the fields of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency technologies, with residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

We provide full spectrums that spans consulting, financing, design and installation, assemblage and manufacturing, research and development, Renewable Energy trainings, through subsidiaries and specialized companies under ASTEVEN Group of Companies, and currently operating in Germany, China, Sierra-Leone, Nigeria, Cameroun, Liberia, Rwanda and Kenya, with on-going expansion in Uganda, Congo, Zimbabwe and Burkina Faso. These subsidiaries include;

  • ASTEVEN INTERNATIONAL CO. LTD: We manufacture, design and deliver EPC projects, Solar stations (Solar farm project), and turnkey Solar Home Systems.
  • ASTEVEN Solar World: We manage the sales and marketing activities of our renewable energy & energy efficiency products, through our online shop and physical outlets, for easy accessibility and delivery.
  • ASTEVEN TECHNIKS: We specialize on installation, maintenance and distribution of our renewable energy and energy efficiency accessories (2mm – 20mm cables, circuit breakers, rocker switch, connectors, PV combiner etc.)
  • ASTEVEN RENEWABLE ENERGY ACADEMY: This is a dynamic vision-birthed, pioneer renewable energy and energy efficiency academy in West Africa, offering educational services, trainings and certifications that covers the whole value chain of renewable energy technologies. We deliver customized educational content tailored to the needs of the different target groups; comprising the setting up of policy frameworks, economics and finance of Renewable Energy, design, installation, operation and maintenance of solar installations, clean energy plants and energy efficiency devices.
  • WAVE ENERGY CONSULTANT LTD: We provide international consultation services and energy audits for quality recommendation of system designs.
  • GREEN ENERGY FINANCE INTERNATIONAL LTD: This is a green financial institution, that provides loan facilities for user to purchase renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies, and make repayment in instalment, over a period of time for flexibility and affordability.
  • AKPOYIBO GREEN FOUNDATION: A non-profit, humanitarian foundation, which structure was established in providing free access to clean energy solutions for the underprivileged and charitable organizations.

We have highly impressive operational capabilities and an extensive renewable energy project portfolio covering the continents of Asia (China, and India), Europe (Germany), and Africa (Nigeria, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Kenya, and Rwanda).

Our project financing capacity is far reaching and evidenced by clearly documented records. Over the years, we have installed over 2.8Megawatt renewable energy capacity in Nigeria, which is equivalent to emission reduction of 10,372 tCO2eq/year.

Other areas of expertise include, but, not limited to the provision of Solar Water Pumping Systems, Solar Streetlights, Solar Kiosk, Solar Home Lightening Kits, Solar Home Systems, Energy Efficient appliances, Alternative power generation solutions for both domestic and commercial utilization.


Everyone on earth needs constant light, but due to epileptic power supply by national grid, most people depend on alternative sources of generating electricity, which most of this sources are hazardous and pollutes the atmosphere. We provide affordable, reliable, clean sources of generating electricity.

Therefore, our client are people who needs reliable, clean, sustainable sources of generating  electricity for residential, commercial, industrial use.


  • To provide affordable clean energy solutions for all in Africa.
  • To build human capacity for sustainable development in the industry.
  • To support the government in creating enabling environment for standardized technologies being deployed in the market.
  • To combat climate change and hazardous sources of generating electricity, which is becoming repetitive in most of the economies of the world.
  • To sensitize and create massive awareness about the benefits of using renewable energy.


  • We offer loan facility for our client to purchase products and make repayment over a period of time.
  • We sell quality products with valid warranty.
  • We offer guaranteed after sales service.


  • We are launching our newly built renewable energy training academy, named ASTEVEN Renewable Energy Academy “ASREA” in Nigeria on 24th February, 2018. This academy is the first renewable energy training academy in Nigeria, located at Km 40, lagos-ibadan expressway, by Nasfat praying ground, aseese community, Ogun State.
  • We are currently constructing a 480KW solar tunnel farm in Kwara State – Nigeria, to power over 2000 existing streetlights and other government facilities. This solar tunnel is the first-of-its-kind in Sub-Sahara Africa.
  • We are presently rolling out $1million SME’s fund to our partners, in other to expand their business and accomplish our mission of providing affordable clean energy solutions for all in Africa.